The Nazar Group

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Founded by Alex Isik and Nigar Ivgen, the Nazar group has several major entities like Mozaik Caffe, Bodrum Kitchen and Deco Eatery operating under them.

Our group creates fresh, unique foods that are a mixture of popular Anglo-saxon foods and traditional Turkish dishes. Our first venture, Mozaik Caffe, was started in New Lynn and has since blossomed with multiple branches being opened.

We follow a very hands on approach while managing our restaurants and put our expertise from our time in the hospitality industry to good use. We never refuse an opportunity to help our teams in the kitchen or at the front end. We have always believed that customers are top priority and aspire to make them feel at home.

All our chefs and managers are in tune with our philosophy and make an impact on every customer they serve. We never lose inspiration to grow and learn by creating new concept venues such as Deco Eatery, Nomad Restaurant, Bodrum Kitchen and Devon on the Wharf along with Mozaik Caffe, Casablanca Caffe and Zigana Espresso.

If you're looking for unique, personable experience with amazing food, feel free to drop by our venues.