If hard work could be personified, it would definitely take the forms of Auckland’s cooking sensation couple Alex and Niger. 

The couple migrated from Turkey and settled in New Zealand with only one aim: to do something spectacular. And that is exactly what they did. 

The couple started off as kitchen hands and dishwashers in restaurants. Through all this time, however, that spark of ambition never once died down. Their constant faith in each other kept them going, undaunted by whatever hardships came their way. 

Whatever spare time they got, they spent in learning English and honing their skills and abilities. The seeds of a dream to build their own cafe were sown now. And every hope, minute and penny was spent towards realizing this dream. 

The efforts of the couple resulted in the opening of the Mozaik cafe at New Lynn. Having gained the love and appreciation of their customers within no time, they turned their cafe into a popular franchise with 8 outlets. 

Today, their venture has expanded to include 5 new concepts which are Casablanca Cafe (Silvia Park, Orewa and Northwest), Nomad Restaurant, Deco Eatery,  Bodrum Kitchen, Miss Istanbul and their flagship venue: Devon on the Wharf.