If hard work could be personified, it would take the form of Auckland’s hardest working restaurateur couple Alex and Nigar. The couple migrated from Turkey and settled in New Zealand with only one aim: to do something spectacular.

Starting out their career as dishwashers, their drive was to bring a new concept of dining to Auckland, while staying true to their heritage and sharing a way of dining that brings together tradition and family. Their efforts bought to New Lynn the opening of their first cafe in 2004, the first of the Mozaik caffe's that today includes five franchise outlets. Today, their vision has expanded to include 5 new dining concepts across Auckland: Casablanca Mediterenean Eatery (Silvia Park, Orewa and Northwest), Deco Eatery,  Bodrum Kitchen (New Lynn and Mission Bay), Feriza's, Miss Istanbul and their flagship venue: Devon on the Wharf.