Feriza’s Kitchen

7/12 Jellicoe St, Wynyard Quarter

Feriza’s Kitchen, Bar and Gozleme is the culmination of brother and sister team, Alex and Feriza Isik's 20 plus years creating Ottoman dishes together, with the aim to take the cuisine to a new level, through illustrating the charm that can be found in the foundations of Ottoman dining. A symbol of togetherness with the dinner table at the centre of the family. The emphasis is on shared dining, and a continuation of the cuisines of Turkey, Greece and culinary tradition from across the empire's, well known for its ‘mezze’ and sharing culture. The service is fast, friendly and fun, like dining with family.
The menu reflects the diversity from the very traditional to the contemporary, from village dishes to dishes influenced by the Ottoman kitchens of the past. The site at Jellicoe Street pays tribute to their love of the Mediterranean, sharing traditions and a dedication to wholesome food. It's a symbol of gratitude, family and a passion for Ottoman dining. Everything from the shutters that flank the outside dining area, to the patterns on the tiles are a nod back to Turkish culture or an acknowledgement to a family member to ensure that family remains at the heart of Feriza's.


Miss Istanbul

The Lane, Ponsonby Central, 4 Brown Street

We serve simple, honest Turkish iconic food. 
It's all about quality, big flavours and falling in love with the eats of Istanbul! 



Devonport Wharf Northern Pavillion, 1 Queen’s Parade, Devonport

Devon on the Wharf aims to ignite life and interest into Devonport Wharf’s Northern Pavilion.

Over 2 million passengers pass through the wharf every year and DOTW ensures every traveller can grab freshly brewed coffee, fruit juices and ready to go lunches when they're in a hurry, or sit down for a well deserved pint after a long day in the office.

Prefer to bring the family along? Relax in our tranquil interiors, and treat yourselves to a deliciously crafted meal while basking in Devonport’s iconic surroundings. !Devon on the Wharfs motto is to create good, honest food crafted with pride.
The menu features a collective of Nazar Group’s most loved dishes, along with an array of seaside inspired delicacies and crowd pleasing platters the whole family can enjoy.

The freshest meat and the greenest greens are used to prepare our dishes. Devon on the Wharf is also open for catering events and functions. Meet with ourefficient team to co-ordinate and conduct events seamlessly. Every visitor to Devon on the Wharf are privy to great food, an open environment and consistent service.


Bodrum Kitchen

The Brickworks - Lynnmall, New Lynn

Bodrum is a popular Turkish city and a major tourist attraction thanks to it's climate, coastline and large variety of historic locations. It’s renowned across the world and its essence is captured perfectly at Bodrum Kitchen in Auckland.

Founded by Turkish restaurateurs, Alex Isik and Nigar Ivgen, the restaurant has the perfect atmosphere to make you believe you were enjoying iconic Turkish delights, in Bodrum itself.

The interior is roomy and filled with Turkish memorabilia, personally sourced by Alex and Nigar, creating a tranquil and vibrant atmosphere. Their menus offers timeless Turkish classics including loukamades, sigara borek, dolmades, lahmacun, adana kebabs and more.

Pastry chef, Denada, prepares Turkish Delight live for customers and fresh coffee is roasted right on the spot. The creators attention to detail is to be noted as the Turkish Evil Eye plays a major part in the interiors.

The restaurant, filled with azure and white, is perfect for transporting you to the Turkish coastline while still keeping you connected with your community.


Deco Eatery

418 Titirangi Road

Deco Eatery is a place that celebrates Mediterranean delights, unique wine and amazing coffee. In the heart of Titirangi, you can experience the freshness of seasonal produce combined with the owners’ Turkish heritage.

The restaurant itself has a chic interior that perfectly compliments the Spanish architecture. With lush seats, light wooden furniture and an open floor dining area, Deco Eatery is a great place for you to unwind and socialize.

You can choose to sit on the street facing cafe, the more intimate central area or along the windows overlooking the Manukau Harbour.!Founded by Alex Isik and Nigar Ivgen, the eatery provides an open, friendly environment to relax in.

From the kitchen, you can order a large variety of beautifully crafted dishes with classics like stuffed capsicum dolma, Greak meatballs, Moroccan lamb shank, Iahmacun and more. For those with a sweet tooth, indulge in their gorgeously sweet and sticky baklava. Pair your meal with their iconic Deco blend coffee or pick an item from their expertly crafted wine list.



Sylvia Park, Orewa, NorthWest

Casablanca restaurant and bar brings the magic of the North-African and Mediterranean to New Zealand.

With its Ethnic themes and contemporary designing, the Casablanca is a restaurant that has been perfectly crafted to give you the best, most elegant experiences at fine dining. Boasting a varied menu, you can drop by at Casablanca for a short bite, a coffee, or even a full-course meal. With its tempting menu and gentle, yet magnificent ambiance, Casablanca is much loved restaurant for people who want a taste of the Middle-East.

Casablanca is renowned as a restaurant that gives you dishes with the most unique combinations of ingredients; things that you would otherwise think is not possible come alive here. It is this genius of the chefs at Casablanca that has made this restaurant famous for its Citron Chicken Tagine, Bedouin Upside down Bulghur & Lamb Pilaf, Moroccan Lamb Tagine and many more!Pay a visit to the Casablanca and soak yourself in the magic of food that is inspired by the majestic Bedouin, mysterious Arabic and mystical Moroccan cuisine.


The Mozaik Caffe


The Mozaik is a unique marriage of Turkish heritage and contemporary cuisine,.Alex and Niger started their first Mozaik Caffe with a desire to make their patrons feel like a part of their own family, rather than just customers.

Their shared values of hard work, perseverance and strong faith in each other gave birth to this unique chain of cafes which rapidly won the hearts of its customers.!Today, with the same values still firmly at its core, The Mozaik operates 8 cafes, each different from the other.

Unwind, relax and treat yourself with the family-like ambivalence and service at the Mozaik Caffe. Treat yourself with the best that we have to offer from, rich Turkish coffee to delectable spreads. This special blend of traditional Turkish hospitality with passionately prepared dishes will leave you wanting for more.


Nomad Restaurant

5 Point Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier

Specially designed for the ever-traveling nomad inside every one, Nomad is a stylish, ethnic inspired restaurant and bar. It was born in 2014 at Chevalier with only one aim: bringing people of different backgrounds together.

Inspired by the olden days when people would live in Nomadic communities, traveling from place to the other place, meeting different communities,  Nomad tries to bring alive this rich tradition of travel, sharing and community joy back to its patrons. Back in the old, different communities came each other in the course of their travels- and when they did, they shared a little bit of each other's culture.

Today's fast Globalizing world is once again moving towards a Nomadic life-style with people from different cultures, backgrounds and places coming together in their life journeys.

Visit The Nomad to get a taste of what it means to be a shared community. At Nomad, it is more than just the food, the ambiance or the wine. It is about coming together, it is about sharing. It is about letting you give a push to that Nomad in you.